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How to Search and License Footage

Register and Create a Log-in - Watch Video

Unless you are logged in all your searches, selections and session history are wiped once you exit the page.

Registering and creating a login is quick and simple. Just hit the register button, create a username and password and begin searching.

As well as saving all your session history logging in allows you to create a lightbox which can be shared and, order masters through request. and post comments (moderated).

Searching the NHNZ Worldwide online database - Watch Video

Quick Search and Viewing Results

  • Simply go to the search bar at the top of the page and type in your keywords.

  • Results of searches are returned in the form of a gallery which you can view either as Thumb or Details. You can change between Thumb Thumb and Details Detail by clicking on the relevant Thumb or Details button on the Tool bar at the top right corner. Hovering the cursor over the clip will start the clip playing.

  • Thumb view shows only the clip and its ID.

  • Detail view provides extra information about the Format, Name and country.

  • Clicking on the clip will take you to a more detailed view for that clip. This view provides a larger clip to view (can be played full screen or window in window) and also provides extra information about the Frame rate, Location and Action. Name, Action, Location and Country are all highlighted as keywords. Clicking on these will show all the results for that keyword. For example clicking on South Africa in the country field will show all records on the database with South Africa in the country field.

  • If more technical information is needed regards the footage such as bit rate, codec etc… please Contact us

Filter your quick search

  • The Tool bar at the top right corner allows for the results to be filtered by format, clip quality and best match

  • The Initial search will show all results regardless of format. Filtering format will only show results for that format. For example selecting HD will only show results with the format HD.

  • If you wish to show results for various formats but exclude a particular format use the Boolean operator NOT. For example if you wish to see everything HD or higher enter your search term followed by NOT SD. If you wish to see results 4K/UHD or higher enter search term followed by NOT SD NOT HD.

Field Search/Search Within

  • Field Search buttons on the Tool bar at the top left corner allows you to refine, combine or exclude results as a new search or within a current search by clicking on the pick-list “v’ symbol at the right to select categories.

  • After any search is carried out the 'Search Within' option is available at the top left of the thumb gallery. Refining a search uses the same page as field search, but searches only on the items returned by the previous search, which is detailed at the top of the page.

  • To start a new search while in Field Search view just go to the Search Bar at the top of the page and type in your new keywords.

Tips for Searching - Watch Video

  • Type in the word or phrase you are searching for as you type, suggestions from the data will appear. You can click any of the suggestions or use the keyboard return key to carry out a search.

  • The wildcard (*) can be used in place of characters to widen the search. For example sun* will find sun, sunlight, sunset, sunfish etc…

  • Narrowing quick searches (Boolean operators)

When searching for more than one word, or to omit words from a search, AND, NOT and OR can be used.

For example:

A search for duck AND mallard will find only items that contain both duck and mallard.

A search for duck OR mallard will find items that contain either duck or mallard.

A search for duck NOT mallard will find items that contain duck but will exclude items that also have mallard.

  • Phrase Searching

A phrase can be found by placing quotes around it. For example, a search for Sea Lion will return items which contain either Sea or Lion, whereas searching for "Sea Lion" will return only items with the exact phrase Sea Lion.

  • Use Scientific Names for Animals.

For example searching for Lion will return results for Lion, Sea Lion, Lion Fish, etc… Searching Panthera leo (scientific name for a Lion) will return results for Lion only.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Then Contact us we have a large collection of material offline we can search for you at no cost.

Search History

  • The search history maintains a record of all searches carried out by you during your current session. Search History can be found in the Search Menu top left-hand corner.

  • Click Recent Searches and then click on any search on the list provided to re-run it. When you close your browser the search history is cleared.

Selecting Items

  • Clicking the box at the top left corner of a clip in Thumb View. Select button Select is below the clip in Details View. On an More Details page there is a Select button Select at the top of the page to select the item.

  • Using the Selection options at the top of the gallery. Note that Select All Select All selects only the items on the current page in view, it doesn't include items from other pages that might have been returned by the search.

  • TIP: If you have, say, 60 items returned by a search, you can get them on to a single page by changing 'Items / Page' to 100 at the top right.

Clear Selected Clear Selected on the Selections button clears all currently selected items on the page in view.

Toggle Selected Toggle Selected selects deselected items on the page and deselects any selected items on the page in view.

Viewing Selections

  • As items are selected, the Selections button Selections in the search menu shows the total number of items selected.

  • The selected items are displayed as micro thumbs at the bottom of the page. To view them as a standard thumb gallery, click Open Full Page Open Full.

  • Items can be deselected by clicking the tick at the top left of each thumb.

  • Options for selections are at the top of the selections bar (or at the top of the page in Full Page view):

• Clear All Clear All

• Search Within (By Field or By Recent)

• Add to Lightbox (When Logged In)

Clicking the Clear All button Clear All will deselect all the items and close the selections bar.

If you do not clear the selection all subsequent selections will be added to the currently selected clips.

Lightboxes - Watch Video

  • Light Boxes are used to save selected clips from searches. This allows you to come back to them without having to redo a search.

  • Lightboxes are only available when logged in and are permanently saved until deleted.

  • Only Selected items can be added to Lightboxes

  • Clicking the Add To Lightbox button will open a pop-up which will allow you to add your selected items to a new or existing Lightbox.

Note that each item can be a member of multiple collections.

To merge 2 lightboxes click on a saved light box then click add to lightbox button, select the lightbox you want to merge it with. This lightbox will now have its original clips plus the clips from the first selected lightbox.

Sharing - Watch Video

To share clips, selections and lightboxes click on the Share button (image) and select how you would like to share.

Share Options:

  • Email - complete the fields and Send Email.

  • Social media - click a logo and log in as required in the usual way

  • Create a link which can be copied then used or passed on as required

Downloading Screeners

You can download a watermarked Quicktime Video File (H264) of the clips you require directly from the website by clicking “Download”. If the clip you wish to view is offline please Contact us and we will send you a screener.

Full resolution watermarked screeners can be sent on request Contact us

Ordering and Delivery of Masters

Master material can be ordered directly through the website (if logged in) or you can simply Contact us and send a list of the required footage. All our footage is rights managed so you don’t pay for rights you don’t need. License fees depend on the rights needed for clearance. Costs are per second with no minimum. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

We’ll then send you a License Agreement which will specify the masters we’re providing, the rights you require and the license rates. Once the License Agreement is signed we’ll delivers the masters and we’ll only invoice you once you’ve confirmed what you are actually using.

Footage will be delivered digitally via NHNZ’s transfer site within 24 hours (except for weekends).